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Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are diamonds mined in regions controlled by insurgent forces that are sold to finance armed conflict aimed at destabilizing a legitimate government. In mineral-rich Africa, blood diamonds are responsible for fueling civil wars in seven countries that have claimed more than 3.5 million lives, and have led to egregious human rights violations and large-scale displacement. As a consequence of poverty or violent intimidation in war-torn areas, children fight for non-state actors as armed child soldiers. An ongoing civil war in the Central African Republic presents rapidly rising child soldier recruitment numbers— with over 10,000 children currently involved in warfare.

Since UNICEF advocates for the protection of children’s rights, and provides for their well-being, this committee will be tasked with the responsibility of determining a humanitarian response to the situation in CAR, formulating a viable, long-term strategy for containing child soldier recruitment, and facilitating the rehabilitation of these children.

This committee will adhere to THIMUN Rules of Procedure.

Topic 1: The role of Blood Diamonds in exacerbating armed conflict in Africa
Topic 2: Humanitarian response to the ongoing Civil War in the Central African Republic

Background Guide: UNICEF Background Guide

THIMUN Rules of Procedure: ROP Document