Project Description


The home of capitalism and the nemesis of communism, the United States has been a great threat to the Soviet Union and its satellite states. It has funded and supported Western European nations in order to prevent the USSR from establishing communist governments around the world. However, the US quickly surpassed the Soviet Union technologically and militarily. Therefore, the Politburo must act soon or risk being completely overshadowed by the United States and its democratic allies. While the Politburo is the most powerful decision-making body within the USSR, it will be the goal of this committee to keep the USSR from collapsing and continuing the nation’s long-standing commitment to communism.

Our committee will begin in April of 1988. Real-life events that occur after this time will not be discussed in our debate. Our committee, does, however, progress in real-time; we will not be “frozen” in April. We will have crises throughout our debate, and you must react to these crises according to the position of your Politburo member and what you believe is best for the Soviet Union. Crises can occur in the form of assassinations, uprisings, invasions, and other events that affect our committee. Your reactions to these crises will determine the direction of our debate.

Background Guide: Soviet Politburo Background Guide