Project Description


Currently with 190 member countries, the world’s largest international police organization is responsible for facilitating international police cooperation. Renamed in 1956, INTERPOL was created after a series of discussions where police officers and lawyers from around the world would meet to discuss security procedures and criminal record proceedings. Although INTERPOL has a series of intricate structures, this committee will be simulating the General Assembly of INTERPOL, the organization’s supreme governing body. The two topics that will be discussed are Preventing, Tracking, and Combating Cyber-crime and Illicit Arms Trafficking in Northern Africa. Both topics are of grave importance today as they continue to plague the international community. With technology constantly advancing, countries are left at risk of cyber crimes. Northern Africa has been afflicted by the arms trade that the capacity to address accompanying issues such as poverty, unemployment, infrastructure, and rising levels of casualties has become more difficult. INTERPOL hopes to bring an end to these two complex issues through dialogue, discussion, and resolution.

Background Guide: INTERPOL Background Guide