Project Description


“Ingen”, or International Genetics Incorporated, is a bioengineering start up company founded in 2016. The mission of this corporation was to be on the leading edge of genetic and biological fields. Founded by Dr John Parker Hammond, the last four years have seen the organization operate as a small but dedicated research institute. Under the lead of Dr Henry Wu and Dr Laura Sorkin, research has been slow but steady. However, now, as the new year of 2020 begins, a breakthrough occurs in the lab. The team successfully grows an extinct plant using semi digested prehistoric ferns found inside the stomach of a fossilized diplodocus, facilitated by the unprecedented success of an experimental genetic mapping technique. This breakthrough presents an unprecedented set of opportunities. Genetic manipulation and cloning are now feasible. Ingen must decide how it will proceed with this breakthrough. What will they create? How will they protect their invention? Corporate sabotage and shady intentions are sure to mark every actor’s interests, not to mention the constant threat of sabotage by Delos, Ingen’s corporate rival. Taking place within the universe of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park and Westworld, this committee will require every ounce of creativity, imagination, and business acumen from delegates. The power to create life is no small discovery, and Ingen has a world of opportunity at it’s fingertips… However, one wrong move could plunge the company, or even mankind, into chaos. After all, life always finds a way.

Background Guide: Ingen Board of Directors Background Guide