Project Description


“A Caribbean Community that is integrated, inclusive, and resilient.”
The Caribbean Community is a group of 20 countries in which their populations consist of several main ethnic groups and are multi-lingual. Established in 1973, CARICOM works towards economic integration, foreign policy coordination, human and social development and security. As the oldest surviving movement in the developing world, CARICOM has accomplished several achievements throughout its establishment, but continues to have issues it wishes to resolve. Two of which will be discussed in committee: Resolving Border Conflict and Addressing Statelessness. Both topics are of severe importance as they have maintained top-priority issues in the CARICOM agenda. In regards to Border Conflicts, two nations within CARICOM currently have border disputes, those being Venezuela/Guyana and Belize/Guatemala. As their diplomatic relations strain, CARICOM must bring these nations to the table to lay groundwork and resolve the conflict. In regards to Statelessness, CARICOM for years has made efforts towards addressing Statelessness in the Dominican Republic, where Haitian descendants are being stripped of their citizenship. Both issues are of extreme relevance and it is time for CARICOM representatives to resolve them peacefully.

Background Guide: CARICOM Background Guide